Blah(g), Blah(g), Blah(g) – Thing 4

It seems that most blogging is all about “Me.” The blog is taking what used to be written in private journals or diaries and posts it for the world to see. Little Suzy or Billy no longer hides the book under their pillow with the key in the drawer. I guess that makes it relevant to the writer and some readers but leaves most wondering “Why did I waste my time reading that?” Is the writer looking for public adulation/support? Our 5th grade poster states that you need to get over what others think and just do your best. Then all of the commentors gush with textual support. He doesn’t care what you say, especially if you’re his big brother. He is intrinsically motivated! I guess they should have read Teaching Brevity and just posted “Right on!”

While I believe blogs can have educational value, most are just “blowing hot text.” The one blog I really enjoyed was Spies Like Us. Why?….because it was educational. I read to learn or for enjoyment. If I want to learn about someone’s life, I’m going to make it count and read about people who actually made an impact in history. And I can do this digitally…I saw comments about reading digitally vs “analog”. Who cares about the format….it’s the content that matters!

It is nice to see different educational philosophies, but I can do this in my own school. Don’t want to assign homework (unless I have to go to block scheduling)…..good for you! Reading blogs for SSR……wow, hope you don’t do it often. Not exactly expanding the vocab there!  But why on the web? “Look at me! Look at me!” Just one man’s opinion.

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